Varshavianka (1924)

Loyola University Chicago Department of Fine and Performing Arts 

Classical (R)evolution

Loyola’s Annual Dance Concert
FEB 11-14, 2016

Varshavianka (1924)

Choreography: Isadora Duncan
Staged and Coached by Jennifer Sprowl
Composer Jozef Plawinski  
Costumes: Alex Wren Meadows

Reference: Nahumck, Nadia Chilkovsky. Isadora Duncan: The Dances. Washington DC: The National Museum of Women in the Arts, 1994.

The music is said to have originated during an 1831 uprising of Polish prisoners in Tsarist Russia. The words used by Duncan were popular in Russia during its revolutionary days. The dance portrays a shock-troop brigade, whose members rescue the flag (imaginary in the original dance) from fallen standard bearers and bring the battle to a victorious conclusion.

Isadora Duncan is reported to have arrived on the scene of the 1905 St. Petersburg massacre—”Bloody Sunday”—just days after it occurred. She dedicated the dance to the massacre victims. In the original version, the dancers also sang.

Maria Blanco 
Emma Carlisle 
Nicole Golonka 
Katarina Ivanovic 
Jordan Kunkel 
Meghan McVann 
Kelsee Simons 
Jennifer Smith 
Skylar Summerson 
Isabelle Taylor 
Virginia VanLieshout 
Gina Wrolstad 
Charlie Morris 
Leslie Bahena (Understudy)