Duncan Technique: Classical Modern Dance at its core

Isadora Duncan (1878-1927), the mother of modern dance, discovered the dancer’s center: the solar plexus. Closest to our heart and soul, this is the space from where we begin to breathe, feel, and move. Duncan’s movement vocabulary and innovative technique, choreography, compositions and studies encompass Greek mythology; a vast knowledge of art, philosophy, poetry and classical music; and the observation of natural forms.

I truly believe Isadora’s technique revitalizes the dance within the dancer. Hence, it is my mission to see this technique preserved not only for its historic value. I think classical modern dance is a missing component in the 21st century dance scene. Isadora’s technique demonstrates clear, pure, and natural gestures emanating from the solar plexus, then radiating outward, and always sparked from human emotion. This is powerful energy. Equally vital are creating connections with others and staying true to one’s singular individuality.

Duncan Dance Chicago was created to sustain Isadora’s legacy for all generations. My mission is to build a school and company for all to experience Isadora’s genius and to incorporate that experience into a world that will truly benefit from all it has to offer. I invite dancers, lovers of dance, movers and shakers to experience Isadora now.