Spring 2021 Virtual Classes

Liquid Strength Energize  is a Wednesday morning 30 minute class designed with continuously flowing movement to gently open and energize the body with attention to alignment and posture, mobility and strength, balance and flexibility.  Wednesday 7:15 am -7:45 am (CST) Fee $10 Payment via Zelle  # 312.451.8580.

Liquid Strength Voyaging  is a Sunday 90 minute class designed to develop flexibility, strength, and structural alignment. Using Active-Isolated Strength and Stretching and functional mobility/neuromyofascial techniques, this class begins with a progressive warm-up leading into an aerobic segment using fun old-school multi-genre music, and is followed by functional standing and floorwork for developing strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility. 
Sunday 1:30-3:00 pm (CST).  Fee $18  Payment via Zelle  # 312.451.8580.

Isadora Duncan Barre and Improvisation Technique for the 21st Century explores the origins of modern dance through the technique of Isadora Duncan, focusing on freedom, flow, and spontaneity; fostering creativity and connection with others and the self; and emphasizing musicality. Appropriate for dance students interested in exploring modern dance on its own, or as complement to other techniques from ballet to contemporary. 
Saturday, 1:30-2:30 pm (CST).Fee $15  Payment via Zelle  # 312.451.8580.

DDC to be featured at Madron Gallery Chicago

Abraham Walkowitz (American, 1878-1965) Untitled (Isadora Duncan Dancing) Ink, waterclor, and pen on paper 6 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches c. 1920

This past Spring DDC was invited to be part of Perpetual Motion: Abraham Walkowitz Draws Isadora Duncan, an exhibition curated by our friends at the extraordinary Madron Gallery. Though postponed until we can safely gather again, the opening will feature members of Duncan Dance Chicago creating original work based in the techniques of Isadora Duncan, bringing Walkowitz’s art to life in a completely new way. Check back here for the new opening date. If you’re interested in learning more about the Walkowitz pieces at the gallery, give them a call (312.640.1302).

Duncan Dance Chicago in London

In just 4 weeks members of Duncan Dance Chicago will travel to London to take part in the 4th Isadora Duncan International Symposium.

The Isadora Duncan International Symposium will make its first non-U.S.-based debut in London, from August 1 – 4, 2019 at The Place, a world-renown modern dance facility.

​The 2019 Symposium theme is “Stoking the Flame: Isadora Duncan Dance in London, 2019.”  Duncan practitioners from around the globe will gather in London to participate in a series of Master classes, workshops, technique classes, lectures, roundtable and panel discussions, and choreographic showings. Participants will also explore the city where Isadora and her brother Raymond spent countless hours dancing in gardens, studying ancient Greek art at the British Museum, and attracting the attention of  British artists and celebrities, including actress Mrs. Patrick Campbell, painter Edward Charles Hallé, and music critic John Fuller-Maitland. 

In London, Duncan honed the relationship between her dance and music, beginning the move away from literature and narrative and towards abstraction, a key modernist characteristic. Honoring this movement in dance from the literal to the figurative, Duncan practitioners will explore the following questions: How is Duncan’s use of music innovative and how are we preserving, teaching, and developing musicality in Duncan’s work? What is gained (or lost) in Duncan’s move away from storytelling structure, or as Peter Kurth notes, “away from a dance that told something–a story or a poem– toward a dance that rendered it?” How are we working with musicality, abstraction, and symbolism in our current Duncan dance practices? What elements and principles of Duncan dance are we honing in our contemporary creative practices, and how can we stoke the flame for the future of Duncan dance?   

​For more information go to https://www.duncansymposium.com/

Summer Classes

Classical Modern / Isadora Duncan Technique – Open level
Saturdays 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm . *Drop-ins welcome!*

Classical Modern / Isadora Duncan Technique – Open level
Tuesdays 6:00pm- 7:30pm. Drop-ins welcome!*

All classes held at:
10 E. Randolph St. 
Chicago, IL 60601

http://www.joffrey.org/adultclasses for detailed information on classes, 
parking, directions, registration and more.