Dancer Testimonies

“There are moments in class that bring tears to my eyes…I’m lifted to another place…” 

Deb Abram, DDC member

“When the class was over, we sat in a circle and shared about what the experience was like for each of us… “It felt familiar.” It was all I could say. It was all there was to say. Much of the class I stumbled about trying to forget my ballet and move with nature and my breath. My body was not accustomed to this type of movement. In fact, it had never moved that way before. And yet…familiar.”

– Angela D’Onofrio, DDC member, on her first Duncan class in 2009

“It is a really fun and amazing class. Everything is so positive and when I walk out of the class I am filled with positive energy. Jennifer is a very positive person.”

Tara Tatineni, 11 years old, Youth class member

“Today’s class was one of the most freeing and relaxing classes I’ve had in a long time. Normally I just do the movements just to do them but today I felt it was a safe space to let the movements come from the heart and have meaning behind them.”

– Jania

“I like it particularly because of how much emphasis it puts on dancing from the soul. I happened to connect this to my own personal goal of putting more visible expression in my dance and this definitely helped me with that…It was amazing to feel so personally, deeply connected to something real in a long time. Even thought it was just a class you don’t know how much you have helped me in overall life. Thank you!“

Laila May

“I learned to connect with other people while dancing. I also discovered what you mean by dancing only from your heart…this experience has really changed my limited view of dance, and has influenced me a lot.”


“I enjoy studying Duncan technique because it explores the relationships of structure and freedom, specificity and grand ideals, and the Self within the Universal. Though considered a “classical” dance form, it is still at the forefront of progress within the dance realm. Students are treated as intelligent explorers. We connect with music, nature, and each other. The precise physical movements stem from a greater understanding of the intention and spirit initiating the movement, rather than mimicry or trying to please an authoritarian teacher. Like many Modern dance classes, there is floor work, barre work, locomotive studies, improvisation, partnering… Jennifer’s extensive understanding of the human body aids in practical and safe strengthening/expanding. Her prolific teaching experience aids in creating an inviting and fun class environment. At the end of class I feel nourished, physically and emotionally. As a dancer in my 30’s, Duncan dance has been the perfect discovery for my continued interest in movement practices. I earned an MFA in Dance in 2014 and moved to Chicago shortly after. It took a while to find adult dance classes that met my expectations of incorporating physicality, community, and creativity into the microcosm of the dance studio. Jennifer and her Duncan classes have resonated with my aspirations most profoundly. Thank you Jennifer and Duncan Dance Chicago for continuing this important work!”


“Jennifer masterfully creates a class which allows me an opportunity to deepen my skills as a dancer technically, artistically and musically. In the Duncan class I am invited to dance with my whole self: my intelligence, body and soul. It is truly a genuine moving experience. Come and try the class for yourself you will be glad that you did!”


“It’s a very happy thing to find a place in this noisy world where you can stop yourself. Duncan Dance Chicago is such a place where I can stop myself and enjoy the peaceful moment when I move my body in the studio. I feel calm, happy, and peaceful. I’ve been looking for a place where I can gain more positive energy for a while. When I started this class and learned the technique, I knew this is the place I wanted to put myself in.”